Notifier is a set of tools supporting design of the notifications which are sent to end user. It facilitates sending a notification (e-mail, sms) from the system and works closely with majority of components.

The path of notification seeders directory is src/modules/<module_name>/resources/database/seeds/ (e.g. src/modules/sample_module/resources/database/seeds/ModuleEmailNotification.php).



The adapter below is responsible for sending all e-mail notifications:


Access to the adapter is possible through the synonym below:

The code below presents solutions sending e-mail message to the currently logged in user:

 * Sends email message
 * @return boolean
public function sendEmailNotification(){
    return app('')->send($view, [], function($m) {
                $m->subject('Sample notification from foo');

In the case above the argument of anonymous funtion is $m, which is Swiftmailer’s object. In order to send a message the user’s object should have ‘email’ attribute. It is also possible to send a message to many recipients:


as well as sending a message directly to e-mail address:

$m->to(['[email protected]]);

More information about the parameters of sending a message can be found in the SwiftMailer documentation which is used by Laravel.


In the case of sms, the class is an adapter:


The synonym is:


Sending the message is executed by the code below:

 * Sends sms message
 * @return boolean
public function sendSmsNotification(){
    return app('antares.notifier.sms')->send($view, [], function($m) {
                $m->subject('Sample notification from foo');

In the case above user’s object should have the phone attribute. Similarly as in the case of e-mail it is possible to send an sms to many recipients and sending the message directely to the recipient’s telephone number.



Configuration of the default adapter for sending e-mail messages is described in the configuration file in the following location:


Sections responsible for configuration are:

'email'   => [
    'adapters' => [
        'default'     => 'swiftMailer',
        'swiftMailer' => [
            'model' => EmailAdapter::class,
'system'  => [
    'adapters' => [
        'default'     => 'swiftMailer',
        'swiftMailer' => [
            'model' => EmailAdapter::class,

On the basis of the aforementioned code you can notice that in order to send e-mail messages and system notifications EmailAdapter is being used. Such configuration enables upgrading the system with other adapters. Furthermore, EmailAdapter uses outgoing email server configuration and its settings can be found at the address:



Saving the settings of the form above will cause filling the tbl_antares_options table where global settings of the whole application are gathered. The default configuration is determined in configuration file of the .env environment or in the configuration file in the location:


Similarly to the case of e-mail the configuration of the sms adapter is located in the file:


Section responsible for sending settings is:

'sms'     => [
    'adapters' => [
        'default' => 'fastSms',
        'fastSms' => [
            'api'         => [
                'token'    => 'xyz',
                'login'    => '[email protected]',
                'password' => 'xyz',
                'url'      => '',
            'name'        => 'Fast SMS',
            'provider'    => '<a href=""></a>',
            'link'        => '<a href="" target="_blank" style=" color: #4169E1;">Sign up for a free account</a> and get ten credits to try out Fastsms services. No billing info required!',
            'img'         => '',
            'description' => 'Fastsms is a top professional in the field of internet texting solutions as their structure covers more than 500 mobile networks in over 200 countries. What gives them a decided edge over other providers is a transparent pricing policy and unprecedented flexibility in the use of their services. There are no set-up costs or minimum usage requirements in Fastsms – you simply pay for the blocks of outgoing text credits and use them whenever you wish, as they have no expiry date.',
            'model'       => FastSmsAdapter::class,
            'codes'       => [
                '-100' => 'Not Enough Credits',
                '-101' => 'Invalid CreditID',
                '-200' => 'Invalid Contact',
                '-300' => 'General Database Error',
                '-301' => 'Unknown Error',
                '-302' => 'Return XML Error',
                '-303' => 'Received XML Error',
                '-400' => 'Some numbers in list failed',
                '-401' => 'Invalid Destination Address',
                '-402' => 'Invalid Source Address – Alphanumeric too long',
                '-403' => 'Invalid Source Address – Invalid Number',
                '-404' => 'Blank Body',
                '-405' => 'Invalid Validity Period',
                '-406' => 'No Route Available',
                '-407' => 'Invalid Schedule Date',
                '-408' => 'Distribution List is Empty',
                '-409' => 'Group is Empty',
                '-410' => 'Invalid Distribution List',
                '-411' => 'You have exceeded the limit of messages you can send in a single day to a single number',
                '-412' => 'Number is blacklisted',
                '-414' => 'Invalid Group',
                '-501' => 'Unknown Username/Password',
                '-502' => 'Unknown Action',
                '-503' => 'Unknown Message ID',
                '-504' => 'Invalid From Timestamp',
                '-505' => 'Invalid To Timestamp',
                '-506' => 'Source Address Not Allowed (Email2SMS)',
                '-507' => 'Invalid/Missing Details',
                '-508' => 'Error Creating User',
                '-509' => 'Unknown/Invalid User',
                '-510' => 'You cannot set a user’s credits to be less than 0',
                '-511' => 'The system is down for maintenance',
                '-512' => 'User Suspended',
                '-513' => 'License in use',
                '-514' => 'License expired',
                '-515' => 'No License available',
                '-516' => 'Unknown List',
                '-517' => 'Unable to create List',
                '-518' => 'Blank or Invalid Source Address',
                '-519' => 'Blank Message Body',
                '-520' => 'Unknown Group',
                '-601' => 'Unknown Report Type',
                '-701' => 'No UserID Specified',
                '-702' => 'Invalid Amount Specified',
                '-703' => 'Invalid Currency Requested'

More information about how notifications operate can be found here.