To install Antares, we suggest to use Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (trusty) or higher as our installation guide covers only this OS. If you’d like to use another OS and like to share it with others, feel free to send us an info.

Development environment:
  • Minimum 2GB free disk space,
  • Minimum 2GB of RAM,
  • 2 CPU cores
Production environment:
  • Minimum 10GB free disk space - for system resources, external vendors and internal system logs,
  • Minimum 4GB of RAM - it is recommended to scale up RAM if you find the system working slowly. It highly depends on the amount of users and data in the system.
  • 4 CPU cores - the more the better. It will help to quicken loading assets simultaneously
  • SSD disk which provide considerable efficiency increase.

Required libraries

Please note: Manual and Automatic installation guides cover installation and configuration of all the required libraries

Antares PHP framework requires following libraries installed on the server:

Apache 2.4.x

Apache 2.4.x server or higher. The Apache server must have the following modules installed:

  1. mod_rewrite,
  2. mod_filter,
  3. mod_deflate,
  4. mod_alias,
  5. mod_headers,
  6. mod_mime,
  7. mod_env
PHP 7.1.x

PHP 7.1.x or higher. PHP must have the following extensions installed:

  1. php7.1-bz2,
  2. php7.1-curl,
  3. php7.1-fileinfo,
  4. php7.1-mcrypt,
  5. php7.1-mbstring,
  6. php7.1-gd,
  7. php7.1-bcmath,
  8. php7.1-xml,
  9. php7.1-dom,
  10. php7.1-pdo,
  11. php7.1-zip,
  12. php7.1-gettext,
  13. php7.1-sqlite
  14. php7.1-tokenizer
  15. php7.1-mysql

In the Windows OS an optional extension is php_com_dotnet which facilitates html conversion tool’s operation (wkhtmltopdf).

Mysql 14.x

Mysql (MariaDB) 14.x database or higher.

Composer 1.3.x

Composer 1.3.x or higher.

Git 1.9.x

Git 1.9.x or higher